On-set Safety

Whenever any crew member or talents are exposed for safety concerns we can offer expertise both in- and underwater as well as on ice.

All safety personnel are highly trained Rescue and Divemasters as a minimum level. They know their way around on a film-set as well as in Norwegian conditions.

Trained as emergency first responders and/or commercial divers they do the job as Safety Divers, Ice Rescue and Set Medics.

Part of safety routines can be: recce, equipment check with talent, on-set safety brief, risk assessment and safety equipment such as first aid and medical oxygen.

Our safety divers are also experienced as in- and underwater grips, best boys, cable wranglers and extras.

Marine Coordinator

When having a production on waters, a marine coordinator will help out with planning, safety, advices, permissions and handling how the day should turn out.

Stunt Coordinator

Performing around water is a tough challenge, especially if the talent wants to do their own stunts. Renown stunt coordinator Kai Kolstad Rødseth, Otto Tangstad and their team makes your talents comfort zone more acceptable. The communication between stunt and 1st AD on set is crucial to find a safety balance between talent and director.

Underwater Cinematographer

Kjetil C. Astrup SOC is the industry-leading underwater cinematographer for drama productions needing underwater or surf scenes in Scandinavia.

We can offer cinematographers for a wide range of productions – such as natural history and virtual reality. We’ve worked for BBC, True to Nature, NRK, Discovery, NatGeo and several museums in Norway. We also specialize in big animal filming like scenes with sharks and whales.

Precision Driver

Handling a boat or jet ski is always more effective and safe when driven by a highly experienced driver. Driving a boat for a production also demands certain boat licenses. Experienced surfer and stunt Otto Tangstad is at the helm of jet skis and we have several drivers for other vehicles on water.