Domestic and international locations

We’ve built up great knowledge of different fjords, lakes, waterfalls and underwater spots in Norway as well as around the world. Given a very specific description we have a lot to offer through our extensive network.

Norway consist of unique nature; ice locations, rafting rivers, arctic surfing, waterfalls, kelp forests, lakes with great visibility and flora, salmon farms, fjords, wildlife, caves and the worlds biggest underwater restaurant.

We’ve scouted locations for movies like:

  • No Time to Die (2020 Fukunaga) – filmed in Norway
  • The Cave (2019 Fayyad) – filmed in Turkey
  • Lake of Death (2019 Robsahm) – filmed in Norway
  • Descent into the Maelstrom (2019 Vardoen) – filmed in Norway
  • Cave (2016 Dahlsbakken) – filmed in Mexico
  • Human Playground (2022 Kaan) – filmed in Italy

and several other short film, music videoes and wildlife spots.