We offer the Hydroflex RemoteAquaCam Mk5 underwater housing with manual gears and trigger option, Nauticam Sony A7SIII w/ WACP-2 dome, Nauticam 5DMkIV, Hugyfot Canon 5D MkIII with custom cable for stills, Hydroflex splashbags, Mantis Sub 3D/360, 360 Abyss for VR, and GoPro Hero 10 for action.

ARRI, RED, Sony, Panasonic, Phantom with cine lenses fits in the Hydroflex. From 1000fps in 4K to full-format sensors. We can even fit zooms or analog cameras like the ARRI 235 and 416. Cabled with the ARRI WCU-4 gives the 1st AC control of trigger and lens motors on surface. Monitor signal goes to video village. Easy swap from tripod to underwater housing, only one base plate change. Buoyancy device for split shots and endless possibilities for crane attachments. 90° grip rig and pole cam system. Underwater speaker for lip sync and communication.


For lights we have DMX cabled Hydroflex housings for Astera LED RGB tubes, minor LED panels and Astra 1×1 LED as well as underwater 1000W tungsten lights. We also stock Keldan and Aputure AL-MW LEDs as well as several torches.


Over time we’ve stocked different props for underwater use, such as fake plants and ice, scuba rigs, wetsuits, drysuits, historical gear and others. In cooperation with production designers and scuba dealers such as Frivannsliv we’re ready for new challenges.

For the movie Cave (2016 Dahlsbakken) we provided full scuba diving gear for the actors in cooperation with Hollis, Xdeep and Suunto.

For Seizure (2019 Denstad Langlo) we provided waterproof torches, wetsuits and weight system for the lead actors.

For a Turkish Airlines Super Bowl commercial, which we shot and provided diving actor for, we also provided a customised drysuit in co-operation with BARE Sports.


Grip services in Norway stocks a great variety of solutions. Everything from Technocrane with pan and tilt trusser-head for 3 meter depths underwater, jib for smaller boats, powerful motorised dolly with off-set rig for those tough tracking shots in water, shotover on a boat to rain deflectors / spray off systems. We build what you need in cooperation with grip technicians!

Special Equipment

  • Rain tower
  • Underwater pressure blower
  • Scuba diving gear (back mount / side mount / surface-supplied)
  • Free diving gear
  • Full face masks w/ surface station and communication ropes
  • Hookah tanks
  • Underwater drill
  • Portable jetties
  • Underwater ‘wind’ machine (DPV)
  • Underwater black and chroma key backdrop
  • Weight systems for talent
  • Dry robe for talent
  • Pressure air
  • Heating pool
  • Heating tents
  • Portable heated pressure shower
  • Ice diving tools
  • Ice survival kits for crew
  • Waders
  • Exposure meter w/ underwater housing
  • Underwater scaffolding
  • Magliner
  • Utility sled
  • Ladders
  • O2 tank
  • Scuba repair kit
  • Emergency kit
  • Ropes, handles, markers, anchor, tapes
  • Generators